Friday, December 5, 2014

retro-quotes # 9777

retro-quotes: a series of germane remarks, by others, plucked from all over the place, and from all over the time # 9777

"There's a whole genre of music known as 'shopping'. Go into the supermarket history of pop and say in a Jamie Oliver style voice. 'I'll have two of those, a dozen of those and give us a bag of them, too'. I think the idea is a kind of rule book shortcut to success. You can hear it very well in the band The Disappears who combined a few British post-punk bands mixed with Neu into something that sounds like a few British post-punk bands mixed with Neu.

"The art of pop now just depends where you shop. If you have no imagination or limited ambition, you shop in the high street, if you are a bit more clever, or enjoy risk, you shop in the backstreets or look the junkshops.

"LCD Soundsystem fell over during an interview with Simon Reynolds, who was well acquainted with all the high street brands James Murphy had been buying.

"It's not always that predictable and the good ones develop their own brand after they've got tired of shopping and wearing other people's old clothes. By their 4th album, The Disappears had begun to sound a bit like themselves."

-- Mr Datsun, Pinkfkishmedia Forum 

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