Tuesday, July 29, 2014

retroquotes #193 and #194

retro-quotes: a series of germane remarks, by others, plucked from all over the place, and from all over the time -#193 and #194

"The most powerful influence on the arts in the West is the cinema. Novels, plays and films are filled with references to, quotations from, parodies of -- old movies. They dominate the cultural subconscious because we absorb them in our formative years (as we don't absorb books, for instance); and we see them again on TV when we grow up. The first two generations predominantly nourished on movies are now of an age when they rule the media: and it's already frightening to see how deeply in their behavior -- as well as their work -- the cinema has imprinted itself on them.Nobody took into account the tremendous impact that would be made by the fact that films are permanent and easily accessible from childhood onwards. As the sheer number of films piles up, their influence will increase, until we have a civilization entirely moulded by cinematic values and behavior patterns" - Kenneth Tynan, The Diaries of Kenneth Tynan

"Saw The Late Show (one of those movies that are based on other movies that are going to form the staple diet of world culture in the future as the towering mass of available film footage increases) - Kenneth Tynan, The Diaries of Kenneth Tynan

(via Conrad Flynn)

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