Tuesday, May 20, 2014

"an alternate Eighties"

in this Solid Steel mix DJ Food imagines an "alternate version of the 80′s pop chart, not the one already there in the form of the extended 12″ remix that came to prominence in that decade, but a secret, subtly twisted one with different producers at the controls. Imagine Depeche Mode and Gary Numan remixed by a Hip Hop engineer, Tears For Fears cut to ribbons by a tape edit king, Bow Wow Wow and The Human League streamlined into a slow disco groove. Grace Jones and Heaven 17 pumped up for a House club...". It's "an hour of mostly unofficial remixes, re-edits and versions of classic pop songs from the 80′s, remodeled by fans or studio engineers with access to the separate track stems", with examples ranging from a Balearic dub of I Want Candy to Hibakusha's revamps of "Relax" and  Once In A Lifetime (Hibakusha remix) (CDR)   to the Grace Jones cover of Me, I Disconnect From You that's actually from the original time but only released now on the new 2 CD deluxe edition of Nightclubbing.

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