Monday, June 10, 2013

Hauntology Parish Newsletter #2

1/ Children of Alice

For a moment there I thought  this was the first Focus Group influenced outfit to emerge, but then discovered that it's actually a trio formed by Broadcast's Roj & James Cargill + Julian House!

"Harbinger of Spring", which for some reason I can't embed here, is 18 minutes long and downloadable for 3 quid on its own, but also apparently can be got as one half of a cassette release titled Devon Folklore Tapes Vol. 5 - Ornithology.  Put out by whomsoever's behind Folklore Tapes. How you actually go about buying one of these tapes "housed in bespoke books", I've yet to be able to ascertain.

on which subjects (Focus Group + striking fetishisable packaging), an addendum to the previous newsletter:

Ah, this is how you're supposed to actually look at the new Focus Group album!

It's a great record

2/ Interpretations on F.C. Judd

As discussed at Quietus by some of the participants  - Holly Herndon, Ekoplekz, Perc, etc -  this is very good, isn't it?  I like that Public Information have called used the term "interpretations" as opposed to remixes...  perhaps that seemingly trivial semantic shift somehow propelled the project out of the swamp of enshitenment that the remix-tribute album almost invariably tumbles into?

Further thoughts on F.C. Judd from Nick Ekoplekz over at Idiot's Guide to Dreaming.

3/ continued eruption of Ekoplekz related activity:

* Ensemble Skalectrik LP Trainwrekz on Mego

* Mordant Music/eMMplekz split mini-LP on opaque vinyl with  A4 insert daubed by Zeke Clough  A) Mordant Music - Nothing in Here of Any Value (9:50) AA) eMMplekz - No Show (Live, Whitechapel 06-10-2012) (21:20)

* split 12 inch in the FatCat series,  pairing Ensemble Skalectrik and The Durian Brothers (of

Salon des Amateurs in Dusseldorf, Germany)

4/ Data70 - Space Loops: The Complete Sessions

All three volumes of Data70's 21st Century library music on one 50 track CD.


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