Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hauntology Parish Newsletter

1/ New album by The Focus Group, The Elektrik Karousel

 Toys & Techniques man  Benjamin Graves ably reviews it for Quietus and avers that it's Julian House's best LP yet.

Ruddy excellent it is, but I would place it  #2, just a hair and a half ahead of the formative (literally form emerging out of formlessness) Sketches and Spells.    Nothing, nothing tops hey let loose your love, one of the Top Ten LPs of the 21st Century so far. We Are All Pan's People, it can now be admitted, was a tad disappointing (too bad my Wire mega-piece on the H-zone un-hype-illy coincided with that LP plus Belbury's uneven and pastiche-laden Owl's Map, eh?) while Investigate Witch Trials of the Radio Age is a Broadcast record, really, isn't it?

To Benjamin's point that it should be filed under "Anglo psych" much more than H-ology, I would counter," well 'Anglo psych' is part of the ancestry of hauntology, surely?  As much as library and Radiophonics and far more than dub."  From 'Strawberry Fields Forever' to the weird-yet-twee-est parts of Piper At Gates of Dawn to Tintern Abbey's "Beeside" to "Defecting Grey" to  "Hurdy Gurdy Man"....  Also Derbyshire & Hodgson were in the radiophonodelic  White Noise.

In a new move for Ghost Box, this CD abandons the hard shell case for a very attractive cardboard gatefold package.

Stop Press: actually it's supposed to form a kind of box, like so:

Talking of psychedelia, here's

2/ a mix of "rural psychedelia" from The Outer Church, aka Joseph Stannard, stalwart champion of all things ghostified at The Wire  - done for Kit and titled "Halos Over the Moon"

the mix is sort of, kind of an oblique quasi-premonition of an excellent 2-CD compilation of artists who've performed at the Outer Church -- including Pye Corner Audio, Ekoplekz, Grumbling Fur, Vindicatrix, VHS Head, Mordant Music, Hong Kong In The 60s and  more -- which is due out in August on Front & Follow , and is titled, well, The Outer Church

interview with Stannard here

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