Wednesday, October 10, 2012

What the Future Sounded Like, part 6749

further to the last post, Our God Is Speed points to another doc about early electronics

Greyhoos mentions the Mordant Music reissues of Todd Dockstader's electrono-library music ...

People keep digging more and more of this stuff up...

There's the ongoing Laurie Spiegel program (the super, super-expanded Expanded Universe being just the first of string of reissues, or more accurately, issues-of-never-before-issued stuff)

Public Information have loads of stuff in the works, with a collection of Canadian library music out in a few days-- Tomorrow's Achievements: Parry Music Library 1976-86 -- you can get a taste and see a video made for the title track here --  plus that Ernest Berk fellow coming soon

Every other month in The Wire, Ian Helliwell shines the spot on some forgotten or never-known electronic auteur -- Terence Dwyer recently, in the new issue a piece on Stuart Wynn Jones and the whole amateur tape recording enthusiasts subculture

Apres FC Judd, pedagogical electronics (Dwyer-style books on concrete in the classroom) and the hobbyist electronic/tape/radio nexus seem to be the hot new areas of interest, on the "scene"

Also electronic and tape music done for post-WW2 animations and computer graphic video in the Norman McLaren / Lillian Schwartz vein

At the more institutional / state-funded end of things, there's Mego's series of INA-GRM vinyl only reissues on Recollection GRM

I'm sure there's more i'm forgetting

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