Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Saw Laibach for the first time in 24 years  at Incubate 2012 in Tilburg (and they've come a long way since those days, when their stage props consisted of a set of antlers; they've picked up some hi-tech tricks from their buddies-in-bombast Rammstein). And I found myself oscillating between "what a load of cobblers" and "imposingly preposterous".

What tipped me finally into the pro camp was when they wheeled out this cover version, which so drastically undoes the original artist's phrasing that it was only when the chorus came in that I realised who the victim was.

Another highlight was their version of "Warm Leatherette" --a nice tribute to Mute man Daniel Miller, who has been endlessly supportive to them as to his other artists.

They played some  things from their soundtrack to Iron Sky, which sounds a bit like the missing link between Propaganda circa "Mabuse" and a shite-y  Eighties-era James Bond score


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