Saturday, May 26, 2012

some TV series are remembered, commemorated, auteur-ised, annotated...

others are completely forgotten

i don't remember the theme music sounding like this at all, sort of breakbeaty shufflefunk!

and where's the "you dancin?/ you askin?/ im askin / i'm dancin " bit in the intro eh? EH?


ah it's in the outro sequence here -- "you dancin?" etc - right at the end


more on Liver Birds here

one little treat for the modernist-nostalgic, in the intro sequence, when the girls are seen with the Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King in the backdrop - i.e. that magnificent brutalist construction i was ogling in this post a month or two ago

in fact in this episode, just a a few minutes in, Beryl mocks the Cathedral as "the Mersey Funnel"

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