Tuesday, August 2, 2011

round up of Retromania US coverage so far:

nice review by Eric Been in The Boston Globe

nice review by Tom Payne in the New York Times Book Review

supersharp review by Nicholas Carr in The New Republic

smart review by Michael Azerrad for Wall Street Journal

smart review by Nitsuh Abebe in New York magazine

smart review by Eric Harvey for The Atlantic

sharp review by Timothy Gabriele for Pop Matters

sharp review by Neil Baldwin
for The Faster Times

sharp review by Noel Murray for Columbia Journalism Review

sharp(ish)review by Vadim Rizov in A.V. Club / The Onion

smart piece by Ann Powers at NPR connecting Retromania and the ritual pleasures of seeing beloved bands (in this case, The Feelies) year after year after year

smart piece by Amanda Petrusich on Nineties revivalism and retromania for Salon.com

really good dialogue with Steven Hyden for the A.V. Club/Onion

interview with John Williams at The Second Pass

interview with Mark Richardson to launch Paper Trail, Pitchfork's new series of chats with music authors

interview with Mark Spitz for Vanity Fair

interview with Thomas Rogers for Salon

interview with Sophie Duvernoy for LA Weekly

interview with Scott Timberg at his blog

radio conversation with John Schaefer for his WYNC show Soundcheck

conversation with Erik Davis for his Progressive Radio Network show "Expanding Mind"

my piece on "searching for the sound of now" and pop in the age of atemporality The New York Times

an adapted extract from Retromania as featured in the Los Angeles Times


and two late breaking non-American interviews

a three-part chat with Luke Clancy of RTE (Ireland’s counterpart to Radio 4 or NPR) - the instalments are dated July 12th/ 13th/ 14th and can be found here if you scroll down a bit

dialogue between me and Matthew "Woebot" Ingram at FACT magazine

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  1. Hi Simon. The Morning Show in Australia is very interested in chatting to you about this book. Email me on miriam_eryan@hotmail.com, meryan@seven.com.au or DM me on Twitter @MiriamEryan would LOVE to chat to you.